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Vinyl siding is the most common siding product in Rochester, covering more home's than steel and cement fiber board. What makes vinyl siding so popular? The hassle free maintenance of vinyl siding gives homeowners less to worry about than traditional wood siding, which needs to be re-painted every 5 years or so. Vinyl siding requires no painting or staining. Vinyl siding provides the durability and strength of wood and steel, along with the natural textures and wood grains homowners have come to expect from a quality siding product.
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What to look for in a siding contractor

siding contractor logo When your looking for a siding contractor look for a company that uses vinyl siding that meets the qualifications of a Class A fire rating product. Since Rochester is a windy place during the summer and fall we also recommend using vinyl siding products that have a high wind resistance rating. Mastic siding for instance has a Class A fire rating on all their vinyl siding products. Many inferior vinyl siding products fail to meet these simple recommendations.

Once you've narrowed a list of petential vinyl siding contractors to a select few, build a list of questions. Many homeowners have questions concerning warranty information, siding colors and options along with industry product reviews. Ask your list of contractors about any unforseen problems that may arise when undertaking your siding project. This can help prevent surprise issues during your siding installation while giving you a better idea of how experienced each siding contractor is. Other factors are also important to remember, including a timetable for your project and contractor license information. Don't hire a siding contractor that isn't licensed, this can be dangerous and possibly expensive.

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